Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Mosaics for All Ages

Mosaics are so much fun for students as young as kindergarten and all the way up to adults! Younger learners enjoy discovering that mosaics are all around us, while older students take pleasure in the stress relief of smashing tile before creating unique designs.

Now, all of the mosaics lessons I have shared in the past have been bundled together in one place - my teachers pay teachers store "Studio Smart."

Download the complete collection here: Mosaics Comprehensive Unit Bundle

Each lesson includes:
Lesson objectives
Materials list
Suggested resources
Suggested vocabulary
Introductory information
Step-by-step directions
At least one visual of a completed project

Kindergarten students make Pressed Clay Mosaics

First grade students make Mosaic Cities

Second grade students make Mosaics Cubed

Third grade students make Subway Style Mosaics

Fourth grade students make Ancient Mosaics

Fifth grade students make Islamic Inspired Mosaics

Sixth grade students all the way up to adults make Marvelous Mosaics

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Grade 4 - Romare Bearden Collages

This week's featured lesson is part of the grade four curriculum map. The theme for grade four is American Artists. In this lessons students learn about the artist Romare Bearden before using multiple approaches to creating their own collages. You will find the lesson here:

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Grade 3 - Panama Inspired Molas

This week's featured lesson is part of the grade three curriculum map. The theme for grade three is Craft as Art. Students learn about the cultural importance of Mola designs in Panama. Then they create their own versions using layers of construction paper. You will find the lesson here: Panama Inspired Molas

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Grade 2 - Monet Inspired Painting Lesson

Each week I am sharing a featured art lesson. At least that will be my goal. It will also keep me on task to make new content available on my Teachers Pay Teacher store page.

This week's featured lesson is part of the grade two curriculum map. The theme for grade two is Tour the World of Art. At this stop on the tour students visit France and study the work of Claude Monet before emulating his style in their own work. You will find the lesson here:

Sunday, June 3, 2018

End of the Year Art Show Extravaganza!

Whew! Another big art show successfully done. This year every piece of work by each and every student was on display. Do you know what that adds up to? One very tired art teacher and thousands of pieces of art. But, the students and families enjoyed the show, taking part in the scavenger hunt, participating in art making activities and taking their chance at the raffle table.

This video gives you a glimpse into the many works on display.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Easy Drawing Sub Lesson - Fun With Food!

The nice thing about this lesson is that it uses very limited materials, requires little to no direct instruction, and has limitless creative possibilities.

Give students a 9" x 12" piece of drawing paper. If you are in a pinch copier paper will work, too. Let them use any available drawing materials like markers, crayons or colored pencils.

The assignment: Think of a type of food that you can personify. Draw this food in a group doing some sort of activity. Give it plenty of personality.

In my example, jelly beans are performing in a rock band at a big rock concert.

This drawing lesson comes from 2011, back when I worked as a substitute teacher. At that time I would be called upon to sub for art teachers with no plans left for me. This was because the districts knew I was licensed as an art teacher and could sort of wing it.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Grade 4 - Calder Inspired Wire Figures

My fourth grade students were super excited to work with wire (Twisteez brand works best) to create their own wire figures after viewing and discussing images of Alexander Calder's Circus.

The lesson plan is available here: Calder Inspired Wire Figures

As an easy follow up, especially if some students finish early, I like to use a drawing lesson inspired by Calder's graphic work. It uses the same primary color palette that pervades his mobiles. The drawing lesson is available here: Calder Abstract Faces

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sugar Skulls - Grade 3

My third grade students are continuing to learn about the arts and crafts of other cultures. So, for October they are studying El Dia De Los Muertos. We discuss the significance of the holiday, its history and any personal connections the students can make to their own celebrations. As part of that discussion we watch a short video, read aloud a book and make our own sugar skulls from model magic. Once my students finish decorating the skulls they may choose to write the name of a departed loved on on the bottom as a remembrance for that person.

You may find the lesson plan at my Studio SmART shop at this link: Sugar Skulls Lesson

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Natural Science Illustrated Pine Cones - Grade 4/5

In the past I have taught this lesson with 5th grade, but this year I have decided to try it with my 4th grade artists. Most of them have done an amazing job making careful drawings from observation, but for those who are struggling I have made this little demo video. Its actually the first time I have ever recorded myself drawing. I made a makeshift camera stand using a plexiglass frame and two canisters, so its not the best, but it will do the job.

Here is the video:

And if you are interested in the lesson plan, you can find that here: Pine Cones Lesson Plan

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

TInga Tinga Begins Second Grade's Tour of the World

My second grade artists tour the world as they learn about artists and cultures from across the globe. With each new lesson they earn a passport stamp (sticker) in the passports they made the first week of school.

Our first stop on our journey was the continent of Africa, specifically the country of Tanzania where they learned about the style of art called Tinga Tinga. The lesson plan is available here: Tinga Tinga Lesson

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Love Monsters - Grade 1

The first month of school whizzed by so fast! My students have been so busy creating work for our annual Square 1 Art fundraiser and I have been busy writing lesson plans for my new store.

Here is the project that first grade made for Square 1 Art. It goes along with the book Love Monster by Rachel Bright. As a beginning of the year lesson it is great because it reviews proper paint and brush handling and cleaning. You can find a copy of the lesson plan at: Love Monster Lesson

Friday, May 26, 2017

Student Art Show 2017

Wow! What an exhausting month or so that its been with making sets for the school musical and putting on this art show. The art show went up in less than 24 hours, was viewable for just a few days and came down in less than an hour the following Monday. After seeing all the work my students did this year I can understand why I've been so tired. But I love teaching art and seeing what my students can accomplish!