Friday, December 18, 2009

New Sample for Another Upcoming Workshop

So I am teaching a paper-themed workshop that has to do with making food sculpture. This one happens to be made from toilet paper paint and kitchen spices (the idea is actually from School Arts September 2009 issue).

Thursday, December 17, 2009

And Just a Little More from the Exhibit

By the way, the exhibit was called "Outside the Lines" and it was up from Dec. 8th - 18th. I actually take it down tomorrow.

At the opening reception, which took place on Wednesday of last week, I received my official certification declaring that I have completed the licensing program to be an official professional art teacher!

More from the Exhibit

Here are some more images from the fabulous art show!

Art Lessons from My Student Teaching Experience

I just finished my student teaching at a fabulous elementary school. At the end I had to install a massive art show of the students' artwork. Here are some samples:

Learning to Quill (or Filigree)

So I needed to learn paper quilling so that I can teach it at an art workshop in March. The solution was to go to one of my favorite places--the public library. I checked out some books, cut some paper (which is actually the most tiresome part) and voila! Check out my first quilled paper motif.