Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interdisciplinary Lessons Designed By Me

Erin Dionne, a former professor of mine and a really wonderful YA writer has her newest novel out in print. It is titled THE TOTAL TRAGEDY OF A GIRL NAMED HAMLET. In this latest literary masterpiece the characters attend art classes where they learn about Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism. Erin, knowing that I love writing and art education, asked if I would design some lessons for students in grades 4 - 8. Those four lessons are available in PDF form on the author's website: http://www.erindionne.com/books/

The lessons are:

Three related lessons that build off each other or can stand alone:
Dream Journals (Students create journals and fill them with text and imagery from their own dreams)
Surrealist Dream Rooms (Students use their recorded dream imagery to create 3D Surrealist rooms from clay using a slab technique)
Surrealist Landscape Paintings (Students use both their journals and their sculptures as inspiration for Surrealist paintings.)

Getting Into Painting (about Jackson Pollock and Action Painting)

Upcoming Workshops

In the coming months I will be teaching a selection of three-hour workshops for young art students. These workshops cover a range of materials and are being held at two venues: The Wenham Museum and Montserrat College of Art. If interested in any of these workshops, please visit the respective websites for information on how to register. All materials are included in the workshop fees. For educators interested in the lessons for these workshops, feel free to contact me; I am always happy to share information.

Wenham Museum Workshops

To register contact Wenham Museum at 978.486.2377 or info@wenhammuseum.org

Quill You Do It?
March 27th

The art of paper quilling has been practiced for hundreds of years, from the ladies of ancient Egypt to the nuns of the 18th century. It is a traditional art form that bridges the gap between drawing and sculpture.

Students in this workshop will learn the basic techniques associated with paper quilling, such as rolling papers to create a variety of simple shapes and applying this knowledge to develop their own low relief nature-inspired compositions.

Culinary Creations in Paper Sculpture
March 20th

Paper isn’t always two-dimensional; it can be three-dimensional and sensational, too.

Students in this workshop will concoct their own culinary masterpieces as they learn the importance of color, texture and plate presentation, all without the use of a kitchen. The key ingredients for this eye-catching cuisine are paper, paint and imagination. With these tools of the artistic trade, students will cook up a sculptural smorgasbord.

Montserrat Workshops

To register contact Montserrat Continuing Education at 978-921-4242 http://www.montserrat.edu/continuing-ed/workshops.php

Reflections of Who I Am? Self-Portraits May 8

Using charcoal and pastels, students will explore the self-portrait, develop an understanding of facial anatomy, and incorporate expressive color choices. The relationships between facial features, the use of tone and value to create volume and the emotive quality of color form the core of this workshop experience.

Self-portait With Objects: A Personal Still Life May 1

Using a selection of student-provided objects, students will orchestrate a personally significant still life arrangement from which they will create acrylic paintings that employ color theory and compositional elements, such as perspective, balance and movement.
Students participating in this workshop should bring three to five objects that they feel best represent themselves, such as stuffed animals, trophies, hats, sneakers, sport or hobby paraphernalia, etc.

Masterpiece Paintings March 8th & 13th (two week workshop)

Students in this workshop will learn from the masters! A wide range of master paintings will be presented and students will be given the opportunity to create their own masterpieces inspired by paintings of their choosing. As students create their own works they will learn about the master artists and a variety of art movements and techniques spanning from the Renaissance to Post-Modernism.