Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interdisciplinary Lessons Designed By Me

Erin Dionne, a former professor of mine and a really wonderful YA writer has her newest novel out in print. It is titled THE TOTAL TRAGEDY OF A GIRL NAMED HAMLET. In this latest literary masterpiece the characters attend art classes where they learn about Abstract Expressionism and Surrealism. Erin, knowing that I love writing and art education, asked if I would design some lessons for students in grades 4 - 8. Those four lessons are available in PDF form on the author's website: http://www.erindionne.com/books/

The lessons are:

Three related lessons that build off each other or can stand alone:
Dream Journals (Students create journals and fill them with text and imagery from their own dreams)
Surrealist Dream Rooms (Students use their recorded dream imagery to create 3D Surrealist rooms from clay using a slab technique)
Surrealist Landscape Paintings (Students use both their journals and their sculptures as inspiration for Surrealist paintings.)

Getting Into Painting (about Jackson Pollock and Action Painting)

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