Monday, March 8, 2010

New Flyer for the Upcoming Workshops

There is still LOTS of room, so if anyone knows students age 9+, please ask them if they'd like to sign up! Click on the flyer image to enlarge to a printable version.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Substitute Teaching

Well, now that my degree is complete, I've been substitute teaching. Usually I go to elementary and middle schools which require my full attention and usually some sort of teaching intervention, but today I filled in at an art room in a high school. The students were so self-sufficient and just didn't need me to do ANYTHING. I was getting bored and sleepy from having been awake since 5:30am, so I started sketching the students. I used some handy copy paper and a colored pencil that happened to be on the teacher's desk. Here are those sketches...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Art Parties Now Available

It’s like hosting a customized arts or crafts workshop in your own home.
A great alternative for birthdays, other celebrations or even just because.

A variety of art materials, styles and techniques to choose from, including:

• Abstraction
• Acrylics
• Beading
• Canvas
• Charcoal
• Clay
• Colored Pencils
• Drawing
• Expressionism
• Fauvism
• Graphite
• Hand-made Books
• Ink
• Landscape
• Mixed Media
• Mosaics
• Oils
• Painting
• Paper
• Paper Quilling
• Pastels
• Pop Art
• Portraiture
• Printmaking
• Puppetry
• Realism
• Sculpture
• Still-life
• Surrealism
• Tempera
• Textiles
• Watercolors
• Weaving
• Wire

For ages three to adult.
Prices start at $75 for up to three hours of instruction.
All materials can be provided, with prices varying based upon the project.

Servicing the following Massachusetts communities:

• Beverly
• Danvers
• Hamilton
• Ipswich
• Lynn
• Marblehead
• Peabody
• Salem
• Swampscott
• Wenham
• Other areas considered upon request.

Sample Party Package (Low end)
Portrait Drawings
$6.00 per person
Number of Guests: 10
Price Estimate: $135.00

Sample Party Package (Mid-range)
Hand-bound journals
$15.00 per person
Number of Guests: 10
Price Estimate: $225.00

Sample Party Package (High end)
Mosaic Table Tops
$25.00 per person
Number of Guests: 10
Price Estimate: $325.00

Contact: 617-922-2246
When leaving a message include your name, date of event, number of guests, type of workshop you would like and your contact information.