Sunday, May 16, 2010

Press Pictures for the Sacred Art Show

Here's a little teaser. There should be more photos from the actual art show in a few more weeks. Reminder: The show is up for one day only on May 23rd!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Upcoming Art News

Upcoming events/teaching gigs...

In May the art show culminating all the art making that has been going on at my church will be happening. At the end of the month, check back for lots of pictures from the show, accompanied by brief lesson descriptions for anyone interested in doing the projects.

In related news to the above, I recently assembled five small painting panels to create some resin biblical based mixed media works to include in the art show.

Also in May my commencement will commence, finally. Although I technically completed my degree in December there was no December graduation ceremony, so it will be this month.

The academic year is almost over, and along with it my means of income as a substitute teacher, so I am actively seeking some other form of financial stability since I expect the need for my services to decrease as the end of the year gets closer.

In July and August I will be back teaching art at a summer camp. YAY! Last year was a blast (epic as the students say, but I am not allowed to since I am too old--haha)! I will be teaching mosaics again, as well as a few other courses. Updates on the camp to come in June for anyone who might want to send their kids.

No photographs to accompany this post, but there will be plenty soon. I promise.