Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Art At Tower Summer Camp

I will be working at Art At Tower, Tower School in Marblehead again this summer. There are two two-week sessions beginning on July 5th and July 19th and there is still space in both of them if anyone would like to register. The camp offers various modes of expression beyond visual art. Students may also take drama, dance, fashion, 'zine production, ceramics and other courses. Check out the link to the school website for more info. Go to Summer At Tower for camp info...

Art At Tower

I will be teaching a selection of courses listed below. The mosaics classes run both sessions, but the other two classes will run only once (one in the first and one in the second).

Using ceramic and glass tiles as well as seashells and found materials students will create mosaic pieces that incorporate selective color palettes, visual rhythms and balanced compositions. Students will leave with a basic understanding of mosaics techniques and materials including the planning and transferring of a design, the laying of tile in a variety of styles, the handling of tools, the applications of grouting and the method of finishing mosaics.

In this course for students with some mosaics experience or a desire for a more complex approach to the medium, ceramic shards, found materials and grout will go 3D. Students will develop imaginative designs using such elements as color, pattern, repetition and balance, but on a more challenging surface—terra cotta pots! At the culmination of this course students will have created unique and functional works of art.

Students in this course will learn that everyday materials like newspapers and toilet paper (yes, that’s right, toilet paper!) can create beautiful works of art. Throughout this workshop experience students will craft and embellish representational objects, animals and other forms using additive sculptural techniques, paper and mixed media. Each student can expect to have completed two or more fabulous creations by the end of this course.

Jim Henson had to start somewhere. Students in this course will use imagination and ingenuity to create interactive rod puppets from such materials as wood, fabric, yarn, wire, paint and found objects. Emphasis will be placed on character development and creativity as students choose to represent existing characters or those of their own imaginations.

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