Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Beatitude Abstractions

by Levels 4 & 5
The challenge presented to students was to create a painting that conveyed the meaning of beatitudes of their choosing using only colors and symbols. The symbolic element had to be of central interest in the painting, which was created using color mixing techniques and a suggested limited palette of tints and shades. Students also had to incorporate mixed media textures in their works by adhering buttons, yarn or other objects to the painting surface without overpowering the focal imagery. These objects were painted over during the art making process. Upon completion students were asked to write reflections about their artistic intentions and their processes.

8 x 8 MDF boards
Acrylic paints
Modeling Compound (as adhesive)
Mixed media materials (like buttons, caps, toothpicks, etc.)
Paper towels
Water containers
Paper plate palettes

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