Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Symbols in the Glass

by Levels 6 – 10
Students studied and discussed the stained glass windows often overlooked in our own church. They also learned about Christian symbols that have been used in art. They applied their observations and gained knowledge when designing their own stained glass images that were meant to convey specific messages, often ones of Pascal sacrifice, forgiveness, peace or welcoming. Students began by sketching their designs onto white paper, paying careful attention to the edges where the “lead” would hold the panes of glass together. The designs were transferred to acetate sheets and filled in with permanent markers to give them the illusion of actual stained glass.

Acetate Sheets
Aluminum Foil
Construction Paper (frames)


  1. I guess you put the aluminum foil behind the acetate after it is colored with the sharpies, right? These are just beautiful! Love them!

    1. Yes, that is correct! The foil is lightly crumpled then flattened before it is attached behind the acetate to act as a reflector for the light hitting the designs. Make sure the marker side of the acetate is against the foil to eliminate the appearance of streaks in the coloring.

  2. What did you use to attach the foil to the acetate paper?

    1. There was no adhesive used to attach the foil. The foil was carefully folded over the edges of the acetate creating a tiny1/8" inch lip. You can't see it because the construction paper frames hide it.

      The frames were attached with dots of hot glue on the corners.