Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Third Station

by the Confirmation Class
In this large-scale collaborative project students had to work carefully and with a great deal of faith in the finished product. The paper-Mache sculpture representing Christ falling for the first time began as a PVC pipe armature covered in chicken wire and newspaper. From there layers of paper-Mache strips were applied along with occasional plaster-infused gauze strips for more detailed elements like the face and hands. After several layers, the sculpture began to take form and could at last be painted with a subdued color palette. A wire crown of thorns was added and the base was finished with a pebble mosaic technique.
In congruence with this project students walked the Stations of the Cross within the church. Students were also asked to reflect upon their experience making the large sculpture and their feelings about the Passion.

PVC Piping
Chicken Wire
Aluminum Wire
Masking Tape
Wire Cutters
Copier Paper
Elmer's Art Paste
Acrylic Paints
Plaster Gauze Strips (pastr' craft)
Aquarium Pebbles
Mastik Adhesive
Gloss Spray

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