Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Big Project For Grade 5 Part One

The fifth graders worked on a collaborative project for over four weeks. This project was not my own idea, but it is awesome nonetheless.
To begin six students (one from each table group) were selected by lottery to be the designated tracees. We used an overhead projector to create a life-size silhouette of each student that I traced. Then the outlines were filled in with facial features, clothing details and lots of patterns. The students' drawn figures were supposed to look like they were having a snow-ball fight so when they posed to be traced they tried to keep this in mind. Once all the details were satisfactorily drawn, the groups got to work painting with tempera paints, especially bright fluorescent colors! The finished paintings were cut out by me to be mounted on the schools walls and turned into life-size cardboard cut-out by using refrigerator boxes. The painting part of the project took about three weeks on its own.

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