Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Color-mixed Animals Grade 1

This lesson has appeared in my blog in the past because I have done this project successfully with other first grade classes under the title "Color-mixed Cats", but this time I allowed students to make cats, bears or mice. The technique remains the same. The students use tempera paint in primary colors to mix their own secondary colors. The animals are made using basic shapes, like circles, triangles, etc. and the fur is fuzzed by using cotton-balls on the paint while it is still wet. For this lesson to be successful it should be worked step-by-step as a group, mixing one color at a time and working the image out in parts beginning with the head and paw shapes (large and small circles). The paint is handed out on paper plate palettes (shared between two students) and then the black is handed out afterward with smaller brushes for adding details like whiskers.

Painting is done the first week and the following week the students add background ABC patterns with markers. The goals of this lesson are to introduce mixing secondary colors, reinforce proper brush and paint handling and review patterns.

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