Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Gingerbread Man Grade 1

I was also in as a substitute for a first grade classroom teacher who was having a gingerbread-themed day. She knew that I was an art teacher and asked that I come up with a simple little project to go along with the classic Gingerbread Man story.

Using limited classroom supplies like construction paper, special edger scissors, buttons and crayons, I came up with this little lesson.

I began by setting the background scene. Students were given 9x12" light blue paper and shown how to draw the house (no tracers). The house details were added and crayons were used to add color. White copier paper, pre-cut into fourths, was distributed and students tore the paper to make snow for the ground and sky. Glue sticks were used to adhere the torn paper to the larger paper.

The gingerbread men were already printed onto brown construction paper so the students just had to cut them out. Then I handed out all of the pre-cut smaller pieces of paper and taught them how to get two of the same shape eyes by folding the paper, etc. They edger scissors were rotated around the room so everyone got the opportunity to use the different designs. The gingerbread men were glued onto the papers with the houses. Each student could then pick two buttons, which I hot-glued onto their otherwise finished projects.

Here is my example:

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