Friday, December 31, 2010

Handmade Novelties

As promised here are the gifts I lovingly crafted for my friends and family this Christmas.

Up first: A selection of felt coin purses. These have an opening in the center suitable for sliding a debit card or ID card into and two side pockets with snap closures for carrying money or other trinkets. The purses are two-toned and embellished with either beads or a felted flower.

Up next: A larger, squared felt wallet with a side pocket and a center pocket with a loop closure (loops around the bow). On the opposite side of the side pocket is a decorative large felt flower.

Then: A lavender-scented paperweight. On the top half sits a large felt flower. The bottom half is stitched with an "x" design. Edged with brightly colored embroidery floss and filled with dried rice and dried lavender, this paperweight can also be used as a sachet or a pin-cushion.

Finally in the felt department: A pair of pens adorned with felt flowers. Made to match the squared wallet and the paperweight.

In the illustration arena, I created some name designs for the younger gift recipients to hang on their bedroom walls. These went to my cousins' children, Aria, Vivian and Cassidy, and to the daughter of someone who is family by choice. His daughter's name is Ariana. Of course, since the children are still too young to appreciate the coolness of such gifts, I also got them something else that could be played with rather than just looked at.

Anyone interested in purchasing something similar to any of the things mentioned in this post may certainly do so. Please contact me directly for price quotes.

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