Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Kaleidoscope Snowflakes Grade 3

I love round and circular shapes and like to incorporate them into my lessons, so when one of the third grade classes finished the nutcracker project a week ahead of schedule, I came up with this idea using snowflake and circle tracers.

The students began by tracing a larger circle on a piece of pre-cut 5x5" paper. Next they used a smaller circle tracer to create overlapping circles within the larger circle working around the edge. Then they traced a snowflake over that circle so that it only went outside the edges very little. This created a broken up snowflake design that they could then add more individual details to by drawing some open spaces within the snowflake, keeping the design as symmetrical as possible.

Using only two colors of Sharpie (blue, purple or silver were available), students traced all their pencil lines, reserving one color for the snowflake shape and one for all the other lines.

Now, the challenging part of the lesson could begin. To add color, students used twistable colored pencils by Crayola, but any medium could be used. The same color could not touch itself anywhere on the snowflake and students were encouraged to maintain the symmetry of the design by working from the center outward and planning which areas would be colored which colors by placing small marks in each segment. In the examples of finished and unfinished designs, this technique is noticeable.

What I like about this lesson is that students really had to think ahead when making their color choices and they could increase the complexity of their work just by making more overlapping circle shapes in the beginning.

Here are the student examples:

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