Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow People & Reindeer Grade 1

The first-graders had a great project that combined horizon lines, tree drawings and collaged materials. They began by using green oil pastels to draw a line across the paper then draw pine trees along that line. Next they used white tempera to paint the snow, including some on the trees. While the paint was still wet it was sprinkled with iridescent glitter. This took one art class to complete.

The following week, the students worked with a lot of pre-cut felt pieces to make the reindeer and snowpeople. Snowmen got to wear top hats and snowladies got bows. While the results were very cute, this project required a lot of prep work for me to cut out all the parts and to hot glue some of the assembly because elmer's just wasn't strong enough to hold some of the parts on. The candy canes were thankfully made by the second graders to help me out.

Here is a close up of a snowman and a snowlady and an image of the display at the school:

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