Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some Other Holiday Ideas

I didn't get to teach these, but they'd be great to keep in mind for next year.

The snowman and the reindeer are made with large craft sticks that are held together by two additional sticks hot-glued to the back. Then they are painted in white tempera (sprinkled with iridescent glitter while wet) and brown tempera respectively. Add-ons are made from fun foam, pipe cleaners, poms, wiggle eyes and ribbon. I especially like glittery fun foam for these projects. These would work well with either Kindergarten or Grade 1.

The construction paper Tangled Lights Reindeer would be good for Grade 2. This uses a combination of tracers and free-style cutting, as well as string and fun foam. The foam noses are pre-cut and glittered overnight so that they dry completely. The antlers are traced hands. The background paper is flecked with paint "snow" using toothbrushes and peel-and-stick silver paper is cut out for the screw-in parts of the lights.

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