Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Watercolor Resist Snowball Mittens Kindergarten

I wanted to teach the kindergarten students what watercolor could do when applied over crayons (wax-resist), so I came up with this project. I used a tracer for the mitten and worked on two pieces of oak-tag, reminding students that the thumbs had to point outward, not in the same direction. Then an ABC pattern was added using fluorescent crayons that would really pop when the paint was applied. Watercolors were applied over the crayon patterns and some overlay patterns could also be used (like stripes or checks). I took out the black and brown paint from the trays before distributing them so that the students would only use the primary or secondary colors. When the mittens were dry they were cut out. I punched holes in the ends of them and attached the pre-made yarn tassels (this is the most time-consuming part for the teacher). The two mittens were glued to a folded piece of cardboard so they would be more three-dimensional when mounted to a wall. Then snowballs made of fiber fill were hot-glued into the centers.

Here is my example and some student examples, followed by the display at the school:

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