Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Cityscapes Kindergarten

When teaching this lesson, I like to begin by reading a book that has lots of pictures of city buildings. Then, students are asked to name things that make a city, like Boston, different than a suburb or the country. They usually get tall buildings and skyscrapers right at the beginning, but soon add other things like cars, streets, lights, city animals and birds, etc.

I then distribute a large sheet of white paper (12 x 18") and several rectangular tracers to be used to "build" skyscrapers. Students get to work tracing and drawing their city scenes. Then we used crayons to add color and silver peel-and-stick paper to create windows. The same project could be done using collage techniques with construction paper instead of drawing and coloring.

The drawings are cut-out and glued onto dark blue paper (also 12 x 18"). Then the fun part begins. Students come up in pairs to a paint splatter area (a large box big enough to hold the paper). Toothbrushes are used to splatter white tempera snow over the entire paper (especially the sky). This is a messy project and students will get lots of paint on their hands as they learn how to hold the toothbrush in one hand and fleck the paint by running a finger from the other hand over the bristles. They may also end up with some paint on their faces and hair if they are not carefully watched.

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