Thursday, January 27, 2011

African Masks - 2 Versions

The first time I taught a lesson on African masks was at summer camp when I had two different age groups to work with. I taught the lesson in much the same way, introducing the art and culture through books and visuals, as well as an example of the project that would be made. The concepts were very similar -- students were to use additive techniques, paint with attention to pattern, line and symmetry. Really only the materials varied. The younger students (aged four to six) used paper plates that they painted with tempera paints and embellished with yarn or other materials that were handy. The older students (aged seven and eight) used more complex materials, like cardboard, plaster strips, and acrylic paints. I really like teaching sculptural mask lessons like this one because students gain knowledge of other cultures while creating really unique works of art.

Here are examples of the younger students' projects:

Here are examples of the older students' projects:

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