Sunday, January 30, 2011

Coiled Bee Hives Age 6

This clay lesson is a fun way to introduce the coiling technique while making something other than the usual pot or bowl. The project starts with a longer coil and the coils get shorter as you build up and close off the hive. Then bees are made from the clay and slipped and scored before they are attached. Yet again, because I did this project at camp and did not have use of a kiln, I used Crayola Air-Dry clay. I still recommend regular firing clay if it is available. The dried pieces were then painted with tempera and glazed with acrylic gloss medium. Overall I think they came out pretty cute. This would be a fun lesson to tie into a science unit about pollination, honey production and bee colonies!

Some students liked yellow hives and some liked brown, here is one of each:

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