Friday, January 28, 2011

Design a Postage Stamp Ages 7 & 8

This was another summer camp lesson, so the theme was kept very open to interpretation and imagination. The students were asked to design stamps of fantasy places using markers and colored pencils. I pre-cut the paper to squares and made the stamp edge with decorative edging scissors. First, the students made sketches of their ideas, then they transferred these ideas onto the final papers and added color. Everything from the name of the place to the monetary-value of the stamp had to relate to the idea they came up with. For example, the stamp I made to show them was for a place called "Bunnytopia" and the currency was "carrots."

I could easily see using this idea for a social studies integration for students learning about the U.S. states or even other countries. The stamps would have to have imagery that represented that state. When I was in fifth grade we learned about states and I was assigned Wisconsin. I know more about Wisconsin than any other state, including the one I live in! So my state stamp would have had a badger, a violet, a Holstein dairy cow, or something else representing the "Grand Ole Badger State."

This lesson could be extended to include "Design a Postcard," "Design Currency," or "Design a Travel Brochure."

Here are some fantasy place stamps designed by my students:





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