Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Textured Paint Bird Mobiles Ages 4 - 6

A very cute lesson to do in spring especially is to make bird themed mobiles using natural tree branches (hopefully ones found on the ground and not chopped from the trees). I did this lesson with a group of students aged four to six and it was so much fun.

To begin I distribute six pieces of heavy weight paper that is already cut to 4 x 6 size. Then I distribute small cups of tempera paints in six colors. The papers are painted with one color on one side (say red) and are given texture by either running a fork through the wet paint, painting with sponges, painting with cotton swabs or painting with rags. On the opposite side of the paper once the first color is dry, the opposite color gets painted/textured (for this example that would be green). This is repeated for all six colors on the color wheel so that you end up with six papers painted red/green, orange/blue, and yellow/purple, each side using a different texture techniques as well. Painting the papers usually takes about forty minutes.

On the second day/class, the students use bird shape tracers to trace and cut birds from their hand-painted papers. Then they glue on feathers and wiggle eyes. Holes are punched into the top of each bird so that fishing line can be strung. Then the teacher (me), attaches the birds to the branches to make the mobiles.

Here are some close-ups of the flock that was created:

Students learn about color theory (a good follow up to a lesson on primary and secondary colors), texture and kinetics.

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