Sunday, February 27, 2011

Exciting Ideas Brewing

I've been having lots of fun developing projects for my church's Sunday school program, and of course those projects will make it onto this blog in May when they are put up in the third annual Sacred Art exhibit. Until then, I will tell you that the most recent project (done today) was making little birds from model magic, craft feathers and wiggle eyes. I may end up posting this project before May just because it was so cute and could be adapted for any spring theme.

Aside from developing project ideas, I have been foraging for random junk for my upcoming miniatures workshop. I have accumulated lots of random tidbits, like the plastic liners inside soda bottle caps. I do still need metal bottle caps, though.

As previously posted the aforementioned workshop is running as "Dollhouse Diorama Drop In" at the Wenham Museum in Wenham, MA. The workshop itself is FREE with regular admission. I look forward to seeing many creative thinkers who can look at one seemingly minute thing and picture it being used as another. For example, those little plastic props that sometimes come with delivery pizza make great bases for dollhouse sized end tables. Add a large button or plastic lid to the top and you'd never guess what it was originally used as.

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