Saturday, February 5, 2011

On the Drawing Board

A number of things are currently "on the drawing board" so to speak. Aside from substitute teaching, which is being interrupted by all these snow days (making snow a terrible four letter word), I am back to teaching art projects with the Sunday school program.

In the fall three projects were already completed -- all relating to saints -- and now a few more are in progress or development. The kindergarten and first grade students made adorable bottle fish last Sunday (no teaser photos until the big art show in May) and this Sunday I will be working with the third through fifth grade students making stained glass votive designs. Under development are some ideas for the older students (sixth through ninth grade). The classroom teacher and the director of religious education would both like to see them do a project using symbolism. I am playing with the idea of Christian slogans (things like "Got God?" "I've Got A Friend In Jesus" "Prayer Is Power"). The idea is to work with stencils and printmaking to create wearable art like t-shirts, hats, etc. I'd like to give the students more of a voice in this project though by having them come up with proposals for the designs, lettering and even the objects to be printed onto.

In terms of workshops I am hoping to be teaching a few in March, but I am waiting on a reply from the museum to see what they need and when. Until I know for certain I won't be sharing any specific information about what those workshops might be. I will say that one of them will have students thinking small in a big way.

And while all this is going on I continue to seek out the excitement and wonder of a full-time teaching position. As much as I've enjoyed meeting students from lots of different schools and venues, having my own art classroom would be the best thing ever. For one thing it would give me a place to try out all of the ideas I continue to accumulate from outside sources and my own imagination. For another it would give me a reason to start "nesting" for art materials. For example, just yesterday I came across locker mirrors at the bargain price of a dollar each. If I had an art room I would have snatched up a few dozen to use for portraiture lessons. But since I didn't really have a valid reason to buy them, I overcame the urge and told myself that when I am the full-time art teacher, I can rush out to the discount store and buy as many mirrors as I want to.

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