Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Dozen Bunnies -- Grade 1

So my sample for this project was a gardening bunny. The students pointed out that my bunny looks sad -- something that I didn't even realize.

Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

I've done this drawing lesson a few times while substituting. And I love how all the drawings have their own personalities. It a simple drawing lesson that the students follow along with step-by-step beginning with the u-shaped bunny head, then and egg-shaped body, etc. The details and backgrounds are all their own design. Then they simply outline in marker before coloring in. The backgrounds are colored with texture rubbings. It is a good one-class project.

A soccer playing bunny that is staying hydrated with his water bottle.
Waving hello!
This bunny looks a bit stunned.
I absolutely love all the details in this picture. Check out those patterns and accessories. Wow!
Another waving bunny. I think the two students were seated near each other. Hmm... wonder who copied whose idea?
A rare lop-eared bunny!
Pretty much every bunny was white, so I love how this student embraced purple! A far-out bunny rockin' the peace sign!
Squiggly whiskers!
This is a hard-working carpenter bunny. He has a lot of nails and a sturdy hammer!
I feel like this bunny may be at the ocean, must be that blue ground. She even has her bunny belly-button showing!
The only bunny who looks like she is out for a stroll chasing butterflies!

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