Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

While I was substitute teaching for an art teacher this week, I discovered that children not only believe in leprechauns, but that they leave pennies out to try to trap them and they get visited by pesky leprechauns who mess up their bedrooms while they sleep. I had no idea that these little Irish men were almost as popular as the Easter Bunny, but I guess they are!

Anyway, two of the classes that day were making leprechaun projects that are really simple to do and are great for sub plans because they use so few materials, require little to no instruction, and prove to be a lot of fun for the kids to make.

The first leprechauns were made by the third grade. These were pre-printed on heavy paper. The students only had to color in the parts, cut them out, and assemble them with brass paper fasteners. It was pretty simple, really, so I asked that they use a variety of greens from their crayon bins and even add their own patterns to the clothing. Some students used the paper scraps from their cut-outs to make accessories like pots of gold, shamrocks, and one made a statue of liberty torch! My sample looked like "a golfer" according to one student. Here it is:

The next leprechauns made that day were by the first grade. This one was also pre-printed on paper and the students colored him in. I encouraged the same use of greens as I did with the third grade and even encouraged using a variety of colors in the beards. The students cut them out, then traced and cut shamrocks from construction paper, wrote "Happy St. Patrick's Day", then pasted the leprechauns to light green paper. A few students asked if they could add backgrounds and since these were going home with them anyway, I complied. They added rainbows, pots of gold, and more shamrocks! My sample is below:

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