Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things Are Gettin' Fishy Around Here!

Here are a few fish-themed ideas for lessons.

This first project was a drawing assignment that used fluorescent crayons and watercolor resist. It was a third grade lesson done while substitute teaching. The students had visual references to work from when drawing their own fish and ocean life.
This is my example:

And this second project was one that I did this year with the K/1 age group at the church. There it was linked to the "Fisher's of Men" gospel, but obviously a fish could just be a fish if done in a secular setting. The materials used were: plastic water bottles, Easter basket grass, fun foam, wiggle eyes, and hot glue/glue guns. I provided tracers for the fins and eyes circles.

Here is one of the many fish that I made (student fish will be posted with the art show images in May):

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