Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Quilled Series

So, I've decided that not having a ventilated workspace is not going to stop me from making art that I enjoy. That used to mean making oil paintings and it still would if I had the ventilation, but since I became aware of paper quilling last year when I was asked to teach a workshop on the subject, I've continued to dabble with quilled paper designs. Mostly, I find myself drawn to designs with rotational symmetry and some floral influence. They are circles within squares (or diamonds, depending on how you orient them).

The designs do feel like they have some relationship to my work in oils. The scale and size are about the same and they relate to the en-masse series in that they do have repeated shapes that are clustered together. For now, making them is proving satisfying in many ways. I like the look of them, the tactile quality, the verging on the edge of 2D and 3D design, and the way I can pick them up and put them down whenever I can squeeze in a few minutes of time. There is little cleanup or preparation and all the materials store easily in one portable box.

Also, today I learned that the paper quilled designs have a personal and emotional connection for a dear friend of mine -- a family member of hers used to make them right before passing on. I'm glad seeing my designs brings back happy memories for her.

Recently, I made a triptych of three designs, which I aptly names Rotational Motif 1, 2, 3.

Each individual motif is a 4" quilled design mounted onto a 6" embossed paper. Together, matted, the trio measure 8" x 22".

The smaller designs (I usually work 6 x 6") were made for a fundraiser show that takes place tonight. If anyone wants an opportunity to own some beautiful artwork with over 100 pieces represented, raffle tickets for a chance to win these works are only $2 and there will also be some pieces sold at auction. The event also has free food, live entertainment, and a collaborative wall drawing taking place. More details are on the poster below and on the gallery website:
All proceeds go to support the Red Cross and Japan Quake Relief and are being matched dollar for dollar so if you do want to take part in this great event, your dollar will go twice as far as it would on its own!

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