Monday, April 25, 2011

Today in Kindergarten

Today was a really fun day of substitute teaching in a kindergarten class. It was so exciting because the students were being introduced to space -- that's right, the great beyond! They were learning about the planets and the names of space related vehicles and astronauts. Anyway, the students all made their own space rockets using construction paper. I sat down and made one, too! I got a little fancy with some 3-D details:

Then during "choice time" there was one table that was a drawing table and I sat down with the kids and had a great time drawing horses with them. This class really liked horses! They all wanted my picture to color in, which seems to happen a lot when I draw with the students, so here is my horse drawing. I might keep it to use as a coloring page. Everyone else can do that, too, if they want to download the picture. Here is my horse, Cl0ver:

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