Tuesday, May 24, 2011

North Shore Art Teacher Association Mosaics Workshop: May 19, 2011

As promised here is the first of many upcoming posts. In this post I am providing all the lessons from the workshop that I presented on mosaics. There are lessons for all elementary grades and a grade seven lesson that can be modified for grade six and up.

I am also including some pictures taken at the workshop so you can almost feel like you were there.

Suggested reading from the workshop.

Ready for the workshop to begin.

Beginning with the heaviest of projects... large tile mosaics.

Getting into 3D options for ceramic tile mosaics -- these examples are on terra cotta clay pots.

Sharing the grade 3 lesson.

Talking about the materials for the various lessons.

Below each project photo, you can click on the link of the lesson title and get a full .pdf document complete with materials, resources, instructions, and visual examples. Enjoy!

Grade 1 Mosaics Cities Lesson (uses foam shapes)

Grade 3 Subway Style Mosaics Lesson (with recycled materials option)

Grade 4 Ancient Mosaics Lesson (uses dried beans)

Grade 5 Islamic Inspired Mosaics Lesson (uses aquarium gravel)

Grade 7 Marvelous Mosaics Lesson (uses industrial grade materials and ceramic tiles)

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