Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pre-emptive Apology

The next several weeks (most of May) are expected to be a hectic time, so I may have to refrain from frequent posting. Many things are in the works and all within the same week, so I have a lot of planning to do...

In the works:
  • The Third Annual Sacred Art Show, which will be on May 22nd, requires lots of time tying up loose ends, preparing press releases, writing programs, making wall labels, mounting and labeling student work, and of course hanging the show.
  • A block of art classes for kindergarten students (previously mentioned) takes place on May 20th (day before installation of the art show) and will require some supply shopping and back-up planning (in case the students work faster than anticipated).
  • An art teacher workshop on mosaics in and out of the classroom, which I am presenting to my fellow members of the North Shore Art Teachers Association, takes place on May 19th (see the crunch time pattern, yet?). This will involve a lot of preparation as well. I will be making sample pieces, acquiring materials for make & takes, drafting detailed lesson plans, printing plenty of those out, and putting together a slide presentation of student work.
So, as you can easily guess, I will be very busy with all of these things culminating in the same hectic week. In addition, I have a few art shows to attend, my day job to maintain, my night job to maintain, my permanent long-term job to continue applying for, my summer camp job to plan for, and much more. Please, be patient and understanding if you see a lack of posts. I can promise that after that crazy, busy week there will be more than enough posts coming your way.

In the meantime, here is a paper mache turtle project to pique your interest. It was a sample used in my summer camp art class last July. The form for the body(shell) is a 1/4 of a coffee caddy (the four cup-holder device from most coffee places). The head, tail (which I think I made too long), and legs are all formed from newspaper. Then everything is covered in overlapping layers of newspaper dipped into Elmer's art paste. Once dry it can be painted over. I used acrylic paints (some with sand added for texture). Colored sand was also sprinkled over Elmer's School Glue on the shell for more pattern and texture. Glue or paint on eyes. Then, enjoy!

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