Monday, June 20, 2011

Music & Art: Grades 4 & 5

So I was substituting in a music room for a teacher who loves to let me incorporate art whenever I am in for her class. Last week, I read the students the book M Is For Music by Kathleen Krull. In this book each letter of the alphabet is surrounded by musical words that start with each letter. Previously in this school year, I also did an illuminated letter project with initials of fourth grade students. I liked that idea and the way there were words and illustrations in the book, so I combined them into a new project.

The students chose a theme, activity, song, etc. that they learned about or participated in this year. Then they "illuminated" that first letter of that particular thing. Around the letter they could include illustrations and words that related to the main idea (the related words could start with any letter). Below is my example:

Materials were: Black sharpie, markers and colored pencils (using layering and blending techniques)

Here are some of the illuminated initials from earlier in the year. These are all done by fourth grade students. The materials included watercolor, gold tempera and markers.