Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Third Annual Sacred Art Show

These posts are long overdue, but here at last are the pictures from the Third Annual Sacred Art Show held at Holy Family Church this past May. The lessons span all grade levels, all mediums and a number of gospels. Many can be tweaked to be used in a non-religious setting. And a few have been used in secular settings and adapted to fit the gospels. Many can be expanded upon to teach specific elements of art and principles of design or to relate to other subject matters.

I will follow up with posts dedicated to each specific project, but here is the overview:

Mixed Media Crosses by Levels K & 1
(the backdrop was created by one of our middle school students)

In God's Hands Birds by Levels K & 1

Watercolor Resist Palm Paintings by Levels K & 1

Fisher's of Men Bottle Fish Levels K & 1

Baptismal Doves by Levels K & 1

Fruit of the Vine Mobiles by Level 2

All students created saints-themed projects. They were displayed together along the back wall. Levels K - 2 created Communion of Saints Puppets; levels 3 - 5 created Medieval Saints Trading Cards; and levels 6 - 9 created Saints Self-Portraits.

Passion Paintings by Levels 3 - 5

This Little Light of Mine: Votive Candles by Levels 3 - 5

Love Your Neighbor Community Quilt by Levels 3 - 5

Love Your Neighbor Although We Are Different We Are the Same by Level 2

We Are One World by Levels 6 - 9

Christian Logo T-shirt Designs by Levels 6 - 9

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