Monday, July 18, 2011

Exciting Things Are Being Created

The first session of Art at Tower just wrapped up on Friday with the end-0f-session arts festival. While I am sad to say that the Masterpiece Painting class was dropped due to low enrollment, the mosaics classes were a HUGE success, especially the new Mosaics Unleashed course. In Unleashed the students brought their own 3D items to put mosaic on and one brought in this huge mirror. I can't believe she finished it. The pictures I took of the mirror and the other items will be in a later post when the next session ends.

Also, I really enjoyed teaching paper mache and soap carving in the two mini-courses that I offered. Both were filled to capacity with happy students. This week I am planning the Duct Tape Creations mini-course that I wanted to do. I just finished two duct tape roses and a checker board patterned bi-fold wallet for samples.

And I think the Masterpiece Painting class may actually have enough students to run this time -- here's to hoping!

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