Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Mosaics Creations!

Every year I make samples of mosaics while my students are working on their own projects. I find that if they see me making something they are more excited about their own work and they try harder to put thought in the decisions they make in terms of workmanship and technique.

For the basic mosaics course I made two designs. The one below used lots of nipped tiles, rather than smashed. It will become the display piece for future lessons. The second design I made will not be posted because it is SURPRISE gift for someone:

For the unleashed course (3D!) I made several examples. First was the set of three stacking boxes. I have yet to finish the edges and interior, which I intend to paint. The mosaic on these was done with glass tiles and gems, rather than ceramic shards. Second was a set of three small pots in my favorite color scheme -- red, white, and black! These combined carefully nipped square tiles and red gems.

For the mini, I made a simple central design with a border. Again I used lots of nipping to get tiny tile pieces and regulated sizes.

My mosaics, or others custom made in a similar manner, can be purchased if anyone is interested in having one. The larger designs make good table tops or inlaid patio pieces. The smaller designs are great as trivets. And the pots are fully functional and waterproof as well as decorative. Prices start at $30 and go up to $100.

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  1. you know what would be super cool? doing a mosaics project with jelly beans or m-n-ms!