Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Grade 2 - Step-by-step Turkey Drawings

With the success I had experienced with teaching the first graders how to draw turkeys, I felt the second graders could also have fun with a similar drawing lesson. So, I decided to show them how to draw a slightly different turkey. This time I encouraged the students to layer their crayon colors to give them a more realistic and more textured appearance. The students had a lot of fun and were excited to learn how to draw the turkeys. Unlike the younger students, the second graders took a lot longer with the drawings and many did not get to finish the coloring in of their images. Here are some of the fantastic results:

Grade 1 - Step-by-Step Turkey Drawings

Now, I know that it is a little late for Turkey Day, but I just have to share these super cute turkey drawings that were made by first graders when I was subbing for an art teacher before Thanksgiving. There was no lesson plan left, so I decided to teach the students to draw turkeys and added the possibilities of using patterns on the feathers and using non-traditional turkey colors. This was an impromptu lesson that I had never tried before, but the students really had fun with it and were excited to learn that they could draw turkeys themselves. The results were too cure to not share.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Second Grade Drawings -- Pure and Uninhibited!

This year I have been substitute teaching mostly in non-art rooms so far, but some of those teachers like to leave sub lessons that involve drawing. Such was the case this week when I was filling in for a music teacher. She left a book for me to read along with an illustration assignment for the second graders to complete. The assignment was simple enough. After talking about things that they have improved on with practice (tied into the theme of the book), the students were asked to draw themselves doing that activity. Since it was not an art room or an art lesson, I did not demonstrate how this should look or how to properly draw a figure or color in a background. The results were some pretty awesome and unique images, which I felt compelled to share.

Riding a bicycle was a popular choice and resulted in many images of bicycles, all completely unique:

One student was a fan of bike tricks, so in his bicycle riding drawing he is doing a trick on a steep hill and crashing into a tree:

Other images appeared as well -- such as jumping rope, swimming and playing soccer:

And then there was the student who was so happy that I said his drawing was really great that in the last few minutes of class he quickly grabbed a second piece of white paper and re-created an almost exact copy for me to keep and take home. In his drawing he is depicted successfully riding his scooter with only one hand:

Now, although I am an art teacher and although I do feel the need to instruct in drawing skill, sometimes I enjoy seeing what the students come up with without any intervention on my part. These drawings always feel the most pure and true to the students' ideas.