Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rotational Motif #4

Rotational Motif #4, copyright Margaurita Spear 2011

This is the fourth piece in the quilled paper series that I am currently working on. The series focuses on symmetry, rotational design, repetition of shapes, floral inspirations and the basic geometric element of a circle within a square. This particular piece takes additional inspiration from a more organic color palette and hints at the possibility of a butterfly, which became evident in its initial stages.

With my quilled designs I do not start out with a well-developed step-by-step plan. Rather I allow the work to influence me as it progresses. I do typically visualize the color palette and maybe the central starting point, but I leave the rest to present itself to me as I work.

This particular example is the largest and most involved design I have done. It is 8 1/2 inches squared prior to mounting onto the textured background paper which adds about another 2 inches to each side.

Each quilled design takes hours and hours of careful intricate work, often employing tweezers to place the individual elements. This piece took well over fifty hours to complete.

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