Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rotational Motif #5

Rotational Motif #5, copyright Margaurita Spear 2011

This is the fifth piece in the quilled paper series that I am currently working on. This piece continues with the symmetrical elements found in it predecessors, however the color palette was chosen because purple is a favorite color of a friend of mine for whom I made this particular design as a Christmas gift. Quilled paper designs are very significant for her and I wanted to give her something as special and thoughtful as she is.

This design is on the smaller side, measuring about 4.5 inches squared. It is mounted to ivory embossed paper bringing its final dimension to 7 inches squared. Since the piece was a gift it was also matted. The mat (not shown) adds about another 2 inches.

Each quilled design takes hours and hours of careful intricate work, often employing tweezers to place the individual elements. This piece took well over twenty hours to complete because I used very small elements and very tight rolls of paper.

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