Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sometimes While Subbing...

Although I am an art teacher, as a substitute I am more frequently called upon to cover for other subject areas, otherwise I would hardly work at all. When I substitute at middle and high school levels there are usually large blocks (about an hour or so) of time where the regular teacher would have had a prep period for grading or planning. Since these tasks don't apply to me, I usually find something else to do during these down times when I have no students in the room. Usually I will bring a magazine or book to read, but sometimes I forget to do that and I must get creative.

I was going through a stack of papers the other day and came across a few things that were a result of this down-time creativity.

Typically I will use whatever material is at hand, such as:

An abstract design made from tracing a found washer and using any color pen or highlighter I could find in the room I was working in.

A rodent copied onto line paper using ball-point ink. If I recall, I think I was filling in for a science teacher and there was a photograph of a rat in the textbook.
A psychedelic 60s inspired mushroom from a stray piece of model magic left over in the art room, then colored with markers and ball-point ink from another classroom where I was covering a silent reading block.

And a ball-point ink robot while subbing for a middle school robotics class where each class watched the exact same "Robots of the Future" DVD.

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