Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Color Theory Ice Cream Cones Gr. 1

It is a little early to be thinking ice cream, but with the mild winter we've been having here in Massachusetts, I figured why not look at some lessons for the coming Spring. And I remembered I had this lesson when I saw Art with Mr. E looking for food-themed ideas.

This lesson began when I was teaching summer camp. It was an extended day program where the kids were basically with me for about a half an hour to have some fun making art before going on to swimming or some other camp activity. Since it was summer I wanted them to make something they could relate to -- ice cream cones -- but at the same time learn or demonstrate some art skills -- color mixing!

I would like to try this lesson again with some modifications. I would add texture to the cones using rubbing plates and crayons or art stix. I would have the students use tempera rather than watercolor to paint the color scoops. I would have the background developed by adding clouds or the child's portrait ready to lick the cone. I would keep the cut-out hands holding the cones.

The steps of the revised lesson would be:
Step 1: Create the mixed color paper. Give each student a piece of thick paper to paint the entire paper with the colors of the color wheel using only the primary colors and having to mix the secondary colors. Set these aside. Wash up.
Step 2: Begin creating the background using crayons or other material to draw a large face portrait with the mouth open and the tongue out to lick the cone. Behind the portrait create clouds or some other imagery.
Step 3: Finish the background drawing. Cut out a triangle cone and add texture to it using a rubbing technique and rubbing plates. Trace and cut the children's hands.
Step 4: Using a tracer, trace and cut 6 scoops of ice cream from the painted papers.
Step 5: Assemble all the elements together.

Primarily this lesson acts as a great review of color-mixing for students who have already learned about colors earlier in the year. Do NOT tell the students how to mix colors. The challenge is for them to remember on their own.

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