Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Felt Heart Sachets -- Teens & Adults

This is a nice little sewing project for teens or adults. The sewing part makes it too complicated for younger students unless done in small groups like an after school art club where you can focus on teaching the stitches.

The materials are felt, ribbon, embroidery floss (and stitching needle), scissors, any heart shaped objects or tracers, felt scrap or fiber fill stuffing, and this one has dried lavender for scent.

Step 1: Trace 2 larger hearts onto felt and cut them out. Trace one smaller heart and add a scalloped edge if desired; cut that out too. Cut a few short lengths of ribbon (about 8 inches each).

Step 2: Use a running stitch and embroidery floss or thick thread to attach the smaller heart to one of the larger ones.

Step 3: Make a bow with one of the ribbons and use a few stitches to attach it to the front of the smaller heart.

Step 4: Place the second large heart under the one you've been working on, make sure the small heart and ribbon are now on the outside (not the inside) because you don't turn this project.

Step 5: Use a blanket stitch to attach the two large hearts together; start at the point on the bottom and work around. Make sure the hanging ribbon is inserted at the top and sewn into place at this stage. Leave about an inch to an inch and a half open with the thread still hanging.

Step 6: Put some dried lavender into the opening and finish stuffing with scraps or fiber fill. Complete stitching the opening closed. Tie off with a knot and back stitch through the other stitches before cutting the thread.

Project completed!

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