Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mardi Gras Masks - Gr. 4 or Gr. 5

So this coming week is February vacation week for some school districts but not for others, so for those who will be in school for Mardi Gras I wanted to share this one-day lesson that I evolved from something that I've seen other art teachers do.

This lesson teaches about positive/negative space, symmetry, and precision cutting skills, so I recommend it for either fourth or fifth grade especially if going for more intricate designs.

Step 1: Using a half-sheet of paper draw a half mask design from the edge. This will actually create the entire mask when glued down. Once the design is drawn carefully cut only on the drawn lines. That is the challenging part because if you cut on the paper to get to a line you risk ruining the image.

Step 2: With all pieces cut out, assemble them onto a full sheet of paper. It helps to start with the pieces that are on the edge and work from there. When all pieces are in the correct place glue them down as neatly as possible.

Step 3: This is where I have "evolved" the lesson. I added embellishments with sequin strands, ribbons, feathers, rhinestones, and gold glitter. All of which really glitz things up to bring to mind the celebratory nature of Mardi Gras!

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