Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Metallic Hearts: Two Variations, Same Materials - Gr. 4

This particular lesson could easily be done with a younger (third grade) or older (fifth grade) group of students. It uses materials typically available in most art rooms: White model magic (1 oz. per student), cardboard cut to size (3 x 4"), metallic acrylic paint (I used a copper color), sponges, construction paper, and brushes (to apply paint).

Initially my idea was to use the model magic to create unique heart stamps. The stamps will need to dry completely for at least a day.

Use simple items like old automatic pencils that are out of lead to shape the designs.

Close up of one of the model magic hearts.

These would then be used with the metallic paint (although you could probably use printing ink, too) to stamp the hearts onto the construction papers (4" square). Additional pieces of construction paper (5 1/2" square) would be sponge painted with the same metallic paint to create a border for the stamped designs. Alternate the stamped paper color and the sponged paper color. Then arrange the three images on a third piece of construction paper (8 x 18").

But then I was left with these paint covered stampers that were beautiful on their own. So the variation is to paint the stampers and the cardboard they are on with the metallic color to create a sort of sculptural relief image. Mount these onto two pieces of off-set construction paper for a nice display.
And that is how I inadvertently developed two projects in one two-day lesson.


  1. Ooh, I like these. Did you use ordinary glue to affix the modeled clay onto the cardboard? Nice idea!

    1. No glue is needed. The model magic adheres on its own. I think it may have some of the same ingredients as Elmer's glue in it.