Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paper Quilled Valentine Hearts - Gr. 5

If you follow my posts you know that I've been doing my own paper quilling, but I wanted to try some Valentine's Day quilling with a fifth grade class. As luck would have it I was subbing for an art teacher who lets me try out lessons on his students and he liked this idea.

Now the only change that should be made to this project is that it would work much better with actual quilling papers that are cut 1/4" in size instead of the 1/2" copier paper strips that I used. But with most things in the art room, you work with what you've got. And I had copier paper and a paper cutter that had a 1/2" increment grid for measuring the cuts.

Other necessary materials: Quilling tools or toothpicks if that is what you've got (and what I had), Elmer's glue (and toothpicks to apply it), heart tracers, 3 x 4" heavy weight white paper, scissors and pencils (for tracing and cutting the hearts).

This is what a slotted quilling tool looks like:
This is the website that I prefer to use for buying quilling papers and related materials:
Quilling Superstore

Since quilling can take some time to master -- those rolls of paper can get slippery between beginner fingers -- it is best to work smaller so that students can have some sense accomplishment by creating a finished project in one or two classes. Only one student in the class actually finished a heart in one class session.
Finished student heart using the simple coil and the marquis coil.

Discuss the types of coils you want students to learn to make, such as the simple coil, the teardrop and the marquis (which the students thought as an "eye"). You will have to demonstrate how to make any type of coils you'd like them to use and it helps if they can pass the sample coils around for closer inspection. For this lesson, students had to use at least two different types of coils and at least two colors of paper.

Some students, boys in particular, may not be too excited about paper quilling or hearts, but I brought in a sample of my own quilling and allowed them to pass it around to see the details of it and feel the heft of it. Knowing it was "only paper" that created the design got even the more reluctant students intrigued enough to give this project a try.

Here are several student examples that have the potential to become beautiful quilled designs once they are completed:
Students were encouraged to work from the "outside" of the hearts before tackling the "inside".

Some students opted to use the simple coil on its side. However, they were cautioned that this would work best only on the "outside" and that it would still count as only one type of coil if they used the simple coil again but with the coiling upright and visible.

One student (the one who completed her heart) thought it would be nice to make a second quilled heart and glue the two back to back with a ribbon in the middle to make a hanging quilled heart ornament of sorts. This would be a lovely idea if there is enough time or if students work quickly!

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