Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rotational Motif # 6

Rotational Motif # 6, Copyright Margaurita Spear, January 2012.

This is the sixth piece in the quilled paper series that I am currently working on. It is the first one completed in 2012. As one my goals for this year I have decided to complete at least one larger-sized quilled design each month with a long-term goal of putting them together in a small show or creating something with the designs.

As with the previous pieces in the series this one focuses on symmetry, rotational design, repetition of shapes, floral inspirations and the basic geometric element of a circle within a square. This particular piece takes additional inspiration from what I considered a winter color palette of cool blues and greys.

Unlike my previous designs that were worked more from the center out, this piece switched from the central petal design to the outer circle perimeter then back to filling in those shapes.

This particular quilled design is 8 1/2 inches squared prior to mounting.

Each quilled design takes hours and hours of careful intricate work, often employing tweezers to place the individual elements. This piece probably took over 60 hours to complete. Although I do not actually track the time, I do work on the pieces for two to three hours a day and this one took the entire month of January with many three hour days.

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