Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Foam Board Mosaics -- Elementary Level

This coming Saturday I will be teaching an art lesson at a party. There will be kids of various ages from 4 to 13 years old, so I needed a project idea that was adaptable for those ages. This mosaic idea was shared with me at the North Shore Art Teachers Association meeting last school year and I've been meaning to give it a try, so this seems like the perfect opportunity.

The materials are lower cost if you shop around at the dollar stores. The primary material is foam board (which was $1 a sheet at the store). I painted all the boards in advance, but if doing this in a classroom where you have the time you can have the students do this step. I used toothbrushes and bath poofs to add texture to some of the boards; I also used paint brushes and rags to apply paint for varied results.

Next, cut the boards into long strips of about 1 1/2" in width. Leave the strips alone after that and allow the students to use scissors to cut the strips into geometric "tile" pieces.

Distribute Elmer's or tacky glue in small cups as well as cheap paint brushes and water cups. Hand out cardboard rectangles, squares, or pizza circles for the students to use as bases.

The students will then apply the foam tiles, cutting to size, by painting the backs with glue. I used the tacky glue because it adheres better and dries faster. Hint: It is easier to work from the outside edge toward the center when starting the design.

Here is the sample that I made. I will add photos of student examples if I can take a few at Saturday's party.

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