Sunday, March 4, 2012

"I Can Be My Own Boss!" - First Grade Drawings

Last week I had the pleasure of spending my time substituting in my two favorite subject areas -- art and music. In the art room I came up with this impromptu drawing lesson.

On the blackboard I wrote a sentence prompt: I Can Be My Own Boss! As the students arrived they looked at the sentence and some began to read it aloud. I had them read it together as a class and presented the question "What does this sentence mean?" Some students said it meant being in control of their own bodies and decisions (i.e. self-control), which was indeed a great answer. I gave a few more hints to the type of answer I was seeking by adding "What about when you grow up? If you want to be your own boss, what could you own?" This got them thinking about owning businesses, which is exactly what I had in mind. We listed off types of businesses that were downtown and what other interests they might have that could be made into a business. The answers were varied, but pets, food, and creativity seemed to be the most frequent trends.

Next began the drawing lesson. I demonstrated where the ground line should be and prompted the students to provide me with what comes next when drawing a building. We drew the side walls together, indicated rooftops of various shapes, added doors and windows. I told the students to make sure they included some type of sign that told what their businesses were and to make hints visible through the windows. Then they could add all sorts of details, outline with black marker, and finally begin coloring with crayons. The drawings were so detailed and carefully rendered that they will need another class to finish, but in-progress or not, they are just too awesome not to share.

A few examples from students who love animals:

Notice the cute little animals in the windows (above and below).

These students added clocks to the fronts of their animal businesses (a pet shop above and a doggy daycare below)

Food establishments were also a big hit with these first graders:

A coffee shop with escalators visible through the windows!

A pizza shop with a great pizza on the front, a pizza maker in one window and diners in the other.

Some very colorful candy stores (above and below).

And one store that sells only lollipops!

There were several other unique businesses, including:

A very sensible (although grimly colored) bank.

A movie theater complete with a red carpet for those star-studded premiers.

A dance studio with ballerinas practicing in the window.

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