Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are You A Snail? Kindergarten

 My sample snail.

So, while subbing for an art teacher who was busy getting ready for family art night I was asked to make some snails with the kindergarten class. As it turned out they were the only class who did not have snails yet for the art show. Anyway, the other classes had all used kiln-fired clay, but since the show was that night there just would not be time for that -- air dry clay would have to do.

The students listened to a snail-themed book first -- at the end are facts about snails.

 Are You A Snail? by  Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries

Then, they got right to making their own snails. This group used white model magic to make their coiled shell and foot. Then while the model magic was still really soft, they painted their snails with watercolors. Not recommended unless in a pinch like this one. Any way here are some adorable snails and one that is a little squished, but still rather cute.

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  1. Love this idea too! I thought about doing coiled snails with clay next year instead of coiled turtles. Very very nice.