Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrating National Poetry Month in the Art Room

April is National Poetry Month. And, having minored in creative writing, I love poetry and really enjoy integrating this creative medium into art lessons. There are several poetry books that I've come across that I think are great additions to the art room. Many of these I would never have known about if it were not for fabulous classroom teachers and librarians. That being said, if you want to integrate language arts, or any subject really, the absolute best resources are those classroom teachers and librarians!

This time of year, many art teachers start to teach warmer weather lessons. This is a great book of poems to use when teaching any nautical themed art lesson. Poems are accompanied by full-color photographs of ocean life.
Sea Stars: Saltwater Poems by Avis Harley

Cats are one of my favorite animals to go to when teaching art to young students, especially around Halloween. Who doesn't love black cat art? Anyway, this book of cat poems is illustrated with velvety chalk drawings of cats in all shapes, sizes and poses. It would make an excellent spring board for creating chalk drawings with students.

Cats Are Cats by Nancy Larrick

Narratives are present in art and literature. This book of poems compiles classics like " The Jabberwocky" -- great for monster drawings, as well as a unique take on the Goldilocks and the Three Bears tale.
Once Upon A Poem by Kevin Crossleu-Holland

I love finding collections of work made by young artists and writers. These two books contain poetry and illustrations by students.

River of Words: Images and Poetry In Praise of Water compiled by Pamela Michael

and Haiku Hike by 4th graders at St. Mary's School 

Japanese Watercolor Scroll Books: Integrated Language Arts Lesson
This lesson for second grade used Haiku Hike. The students found great success exploring Japanese poetry and scroll painting while making their own handcrafted books.

View/Download the complete lesson here:

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